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Using Vaporizers For Aromatherapy

What Is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is derived from the ancient practice of using essential oils and other aromatic plant compounds which are aimed at improving a physical well being and psychological mood.

Aromatherapy can help ease a wide assortment of ailments, including easing body aches, pains, and injuries. This alternative medicinal practice also acts on the central nervous system, relieving depression and anxiety, reducing stress, relaxing, uplifting, sedating or stimulating both physical and emotional well being.

Aromatherapy and Phyto-Inhalation

Plants and trees contain volatile oils, some of which most people find as pleasing aromas. For example, when you walk in a rose garden, it is the etheric oils in the flowers that you enjoy smelling. Similarly, a walk through the forest brings the senses alive with the smell of the etheric oils in the pinecones. The majority of these oils are not only pleasing to our senses, but are also beneficial to our health and over all well-being.

Essential oils, such as eucalyptus, rosemary, chamomile, jasmine, rose, sage and lemon balm have been historically used in perfumes and incense mixtures for their beneficial effects on the body and mind. These oils are still being used for the same reasons in our society today.

Using a Vaporizer For Aromatherapy

Today, aromatherapy is commonly provided through the use of vaporizers.

A vaporizer is a device used to free the active components of medicine or botanicals so that they can be inhaled for immediate effects. The device gently heats the essential oils, botanicals and spices up to a certain level where vaporization takes place without any combustion. This results in cleaner vapor that creates no health hazards to the lungs.

Vaporizers can also be used in place of humidifier to provide the same comforting and therapeutic effects of aromatherapy. Rather than purchasing an expensive humidifier, your vaporizer can be used effectively for this purpose. The botanicals and essential oils are simply added to the water to create the desired aroma.